Using Smart Home Devices With a Smart Home Platform

Using Smart Home Devices With a Smart Home Platform

If you would like all of your smart home electronics to communicate with each other, you are going to want to have one of the top recommended smart home hubs. A smart home hub connects all of your smart home electronics such as lights, gates, garage door openers, cameras, thermostats, alarm systems, and many more and allows you to control them all from one program. I am going to give you a recommendation based on my own experience and that of my wife’s, which has a total home system and we will both explain what it is and why it works so well.

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My wife has an older model home that she upgrades every year and loves the apple remote, which allows her to control all the devices from anywhere. She also has a Google Earth application that shows her where everything is and what she needs to do to make improvements to the house. There are several other smart home devices including a DVR (digital video recorder) and HD TV that work great. We purchased and downloaded the home kit smart home platform and it was easy to use and installed our very first night.

My recommendation for you is the same as my wife’s. Get a Google Earth application and a voice remote and hook them up. You should be able to turn your voice remotely from any internet enabled computer or smartphone. I found that the voice remote was not very user friendly but that is just a personal preference. The Google Earth application is easy to use and the professional installation company that installed it was able to connect it to multiple televisions and shut them down using their new VOIP system so that you don’t have to worry about having to stop the flow of traffic in order to switch them on and off.

If you are interested in learning more about the innovative smart home gadgets we found that were featured in this article, visit our website. There you will find a wealth of information on how these devices work, why they are so beneficial and how you can integrate them into your daily life. You can learn how to activate and deactivate different devices along with how to coordinate and control them using your voice. We want you to be completely empowered with your new smart home system and we want you to have the least amount of hassle possible.

In addition to the voice controls we discussed earlier we also wanted to mention the voice recognition technology that is built in to most Smart House Digital Interiors. This means you can program certain appliances or devices right from your couch and they will be ready and waiting when you get home from work. You can activate and deactivate them with your voice and we even programmed a kitchenette with the Philips Air Fryer and microwave oven built-in so that you do not have to get up to go to the kitchen every time you want to cook something. For added convenience there is a built-in motion sensor that will remotely control your TV, stereo system or even the lights and locks. A few other devices such as a touch sensitive remote control, a smoke alarm and a digital photo frame to make it so much easier to operate your smart house than ever before.

When you incorporate all the smart home devices together you are going to see that there is a big difference in your energy bill. It will be smarter for you and your family to take care of everything yourself rather than having to hire a company to do it for you. When you are spending less money than ever before on your energy bill and your electric bill is staying the same or going down while you use less power, you will wonder why you ever took on the job of maintaining all those gadgets yourself in the first place. When you start using a smart home platform to keep your gadgets and devices working they will become an essential part of your life.

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