Popularity Counts For Countertop Blenders Reviews

At Consumer Reports, test various kitchen appliances by blending up a mango juice and purifying it with a limeade. Then test how well these blend well, separately by blending pureed bananas and measuring how much ice cream and frozen banana juice you can make. Another blender that gets high marks is the Cuisinart electric maker because it’s easy to clean, holds long containers well and won’t get scratched. Finally, at Zagat, we recommend the Cuisinartith Pro 8500, as it gets rave reviews for its size, efficiency and quality. After testing twelve different blenders, only two made the grade.


For this article, we chose three popular blenders from the Cuisinart product line: the Braun Blenders, the KitchenAid Foodissimo Single Serve Blender and the Cuisinart Super DS200 Super Smoothie Machine. While each machine is capable of making a frozen fruit smoothie, they all come with different capabilities and come with differing ratings based upon certain aspects of their design and operation. We also looked at user ratings for each of these blenders to see which ones people preferred most. Our findings help you decide which machines will work best for you.

Braun Blenders: The Braun Blenders are designed to make smoothies, whipped creams and milkshakes. The built-in whisk and motor are designed to give you a smooth, constant whipping action, which makes for a light and evenly-blended milkshakes. The built-in ice cream bowl is removable and has an infuser for extra ease in whipping. The built-in whisk and motor make this the easiest of all the blenders to use and the highest score for ease of use goes to the Braun.

KitchenAid Foodissimo Single Serve Blender: This KitchenAid blender fits neatly into a bowl that doubles as a serving dish. It comes with a whisk attachment, but can also be used with other kitchen appliances such as an electric juicer. The built-in ice cream bowl makes it easy to create ice-cream-like drinks or milkshakes, while the good rating on ease of use and sturdy construction helps it get a thumbs-up from reviewers. You do have to pay more money, but at almost $150, it is generally considered a good investment.

Cuisinart Super DS200 Super Smoothie Machine: This machine is probably the most high-rated of the appliances in the review. Although it is somewhat pricey, it comes with a good rating on price and ease of use. Users love the built-in scoop feature and the ice cream bowl that come with it. A few people mention that the inner plastic tube may be difficult to clean, but other people do not voice these concerns.

Your choice of the best countertop blenders depends on your own needs and budget. A few of the higher-performance blenders are also available for purchase as home versions, though they generally perform the same tasks. Some people prefer the built-in electric smoothie maker over the more compact and affordable compact refrigerator / freezer combination. Whatever your personal preferences, you should be able to find a good brand and model to meet your standards.