Choosing The Best Blu-Ray Player

Bluray Player

If you own a Blu-Ray player, you’ve probably been exposed to commercials that show graphic details of the enhanced image offered by these newer players. While the images may be stunning to the human eye, they may not be very useful for finding out what the specs of your favorite player are. So how do you find out what’s best? Here is a quick review of the most popular players on the market today, which will help you make the right choice when buying your next player.

The four major players in the market today are Blu-ray, 1080p/60 frames, HDTV, and standard DVD/DVD players. Blu-ray players are generally a better fit for high definition TVs, providing the finest 1080p picture quality currently available. Some even offer 3D technology. All kinds of Blu-ray players will play regular DVDs and CDs, so even if you only plan on watching movies, you can still use one player on your home entertainment system.

The top-end, higher resolution Blu-rays are the High Definition ones (aka HDTV) and the ultra-small, pocket-sized, entry-level Blu-rays called the HD-DVD. Both offer high quality picture clarity with large file sizes, but the HD-DVD offers much bigger file size for its comparatively low resolution. You will pay more for the HD-DVD player, but it has better storage and faster access to disks compared to the High Definition ones.

One option that you have for your Blu-Ray player is the LG UKBD OLED chip integrated into the player. The Blu-Ray Disc Association approved manufacturer and distributor of the Blu-Ray disc, LG, offer the OLED chip, which operates with the help of a software application program. The Blu-Ray Player interface is straightforward and easy to understand. As is the case with most applications or gadgets today, the LG OLED consumes around 50 watts of power.

For a small room that can accommodate a TV and a few speakers, you can get the Sony Digital televisions with built in Blu-Ray players, the sony ubp-x800m2. The x800M2 boasts the best Blu-Ray player available today, giving users even more options than they had with previous models. With a built in processor, the unit also features a memory card for storing favorite films. The battery is very long lasting and can last for up to six hours.

Another model with the best Blu-Ray player is the Sony bdps3700m. This unit has many features, including: hooking up to the internet, wireless network access, MMC card slot for flash memory use, USB cable compatibility for flash memory devices, and SD card slot for memory cards. If you prefer to watch movies in High Definition, this model is ideal. There are three versions to choose from: the xBMission, xBMCission, and xBMCission Premium.