Consumer Electronics of the Twentieth Century

Consumer Electronics is consumer electronics intended for personal use, usually in the home. These items include appliances like televisions, music players, computers, digital cameras and video game consoles. Most consumer electronics come in a variety of sizes, colors and prices. Consumer electronics consist of items designed for communication, entertainment and personal uses. Typically referred to as white goods because of the products being housed in light or dark colored casings.

Consumer Electronics

There are many facts and consumer protection information regarding consumer electronics that consumers need to be aware of. Some of these facts and consumer protection information includes: * Consumers should test any product before using it. This includes televisions, home theater systems and video game console. * There is not consumer protection against the LCD screens that are used in some consumer electronics items.

The American Consumer Association (ACA) Consumer Reports Consumer Electronics Directory contains a Consumer Electronics Directory listing of consumer electronics and ratings. The directory may contain a list of the tested and certified products. The Consumer Reports Best Buy Reviews also contains a Consumer Electronics Directory listing of the best rated devices. Consumer Reports Consumer Electronics directory can provide facts and reviews about cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, TVs, video game systems and laptops. The directory also provides a phone review for U.S. and Canadian cell phone companies. There are also facts and reviews available for a variety of other consumer electronics items.

The Information Center for Communication and Control lists consumer electronics manufacturers by region. The Center includes links to the web sites of individual manufacturers. Consumers can find consumer devices, manufacturers, service providers and tips for buying consumer electronics. The Consumer Electronics Association Consumer Report On Television advises consumers to read the document, keep an eye on what they are buying and be sure to check warranties and refund policies. Consumer Reports On Wire, a network of consumer representatives, offers a Consumer Electronics newsletter.

Another important source of information is the U.S. Conference of Mayors Consumer Report. Consumer Reports has created an interactive website to provide the latest news on the consumer electronics industry. They have created a Consumer Electronics Calendar to help you stay on top of new technologies and trends. Consumer Reports Consumer Letter on DVD and Blu-ray Disc offers a concise review of recent DVDs and Blu-Rays.

The Information Age began with the invention of the television. Consumer electronics companies, such as RCA, VHS and Betamax, helped to launch the Information Age with their high-tech products. Today, nearly every product that ever was can be found in a computer or a digital appliance. With consumer electronics, the idea of an “old style” product becoming obsolete is becoming rarer. It is a product of the Information Age.