Conference Microphone Systems and Their Use

A Wireless Conference System is the system that allows the users to join a conference over the internet using wireless internet connection or any other wired connection. It has many benefits over the older systems like audio teleconferencing, videoconferencing and web conferences. It enables you to get maximum productivity from your employees while at the same time saving a lot of money. You can even invite all your colleagues for an extra meeting within minutes after a certain agreed upon date and time.

Conference System

Before you buy a wireless conference system, it is advisable to first review its features. You must be able to evaluate each of its major parts like microphones, speakers, control units, output connectors, input devices and others. You must also study the technical aspects of these wireless conference systems so that you can understand the technical jargon properly.

Wireless conference solutions are very easy to operate, but if you want real comfort and convenience of use then you can opt for a system with a web cam. Most conferences solve problems of communication by means of video-conferencing services or audio teleconferencing services to their participants. If the conference solutions include web cam feature then the whole experience will be more memorable as users can easily see the faces of their counterparts. This also helps them to mingle with new people and learn new things in a fun and relaxed environment.

Conference systems are provided with the latest features like easy to use buttons, push to talk buttons, speaker phone, microphone, etc. All the required hardware and networking software are easily accessible with the help of online websites. One of the most important things to be considered while buying conference systems is that whether the company uses secure server or not. Secure servers help you in holding multiple meetings simultaneously. You should check out whether your internet service provider offers secure servers or not before buying any product.

The basic model of a Conference System includes a mixer board, central control unit, number of speaker connections, remote control and front panel LCD. The most modern models of conference microphones include cardioid microphones, omnidirectional microphones and cardioid microphones with condenser microphones. The microphone with condenser microphone is considered to be the best microphone for high quality audio.

Now-a-days most of the companies provide audio teleconferencing services to their customers and hence they have incorporated a microphone with a touch-pad on which a participant’s hands can be placed. This touch-pad is operated with a remote control. In some of the models of conference system the front panel LCD screen is replaced with a touch-pad or a graphical representation of the conference system with video output. If you want your participants to speak via microphone and if the distance between the participant and the central control unit is not a problem then you need a goose neck microphone, otherwise a standard microphone connected with a stereo input jack and a headphone jack will serve your purpose.