Will a Mechanical Keyboard Cover Protect Your Macbook?

Will a Mechanical Keyboard Cover Protect Your Macbook?

It seems like most of us absolutely love having keyboard covers for our keyboards. While the other half totally hate them. That’s why this article has affiliate links in it. If you click on those, you’ll be directed to a website where you can buy the best type of keyboard cover you can possibly find.

Keyboard Covers

In addition to the fact that keyboard covers protect your keyboard from dust and spills, there’s another reason why they’re so popular. They look nice and make your computer look cool and finished. Here are some facts you should know about covers for keyboards.

Most computer users own macbook pro, MacBook Air, or an apple laptop. When I say most, I mean all of them. However, when I say all of them, I mean their Macbook Pro counterparts. All three of these types of laptops come with different amounts of space for extra keys that you add on later. The average laptop keyboard will have around five to seven keys, including function keys and modifiers.

What about keyboard covers? Most silicone keyboards have tiny holes in them so that you can put things in them. The most common thing you can put in a silicone keyboard cover is a mouse, although you can also put pretty much anything in a cover. What you put in your cover does affect the overall quality and the comfort of your typing experience. You’ll get more use out of the cover if you use the same items that you put in it.

Keyboards come with rubberized exterior and neoprene inside. This combination of materials protects the keys from dust and moisture. However, keyboard covers can protect the keys from spills. Simply put, most laptop covers are made out of a breathable and durable material that lets any amount of moisture or dust get through. This combination of protection prevents a lot of problems for your laptop.

In the end, whether or not keyboard covers protect your Macbook’s keys depends on what you use your laptop for. If you’re into heavy typing documents and regular word processing, then I wouldn’t say they help much. For people who type light to medium heavy material, I highly recommend buying a silicone keyboard cover. These covers cost a little bit more than your typical laptop cover but you’ll notice a huge difference in how much time your Macbook can save each day. It’s well worth the money if you use your laptop a lot.

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