What Is the Best Drip Coffee Maker?

Making great coffee – style beverages in your own home is something that many people are able to enjoy nowadays. Along with the addition of devices for frothing and warming milk, some even can make hot cocoa, tea and even cold drinks. For many people this brings back good memories of going to college or a young age when you get a packet of coffee and pour yourself a glass. Now we want the same quality at home but at a fraction of the cost. A few good companies have come up with a range of appliances which are both economical and stylish. The following are our recommendation on which appliances are best rated depending on how they make you drink the coffee.

Coffee Machines

One machine, which has been on our list since it first came out is the Bonavita BV1900ts automatic drip coffee maker. This automatic machine makes the perfect cup of coffee from whatever type of beverage you wish. This machine is quite user friendly and is easy to operate. The best news is that in our own review the BV1900ts received high scores in almost every review site that we used it on.

The next appliance on our list of great single serve drip brewers is the Mr Coffee automatic drip brewer. This is one of the newer models on the market and is quite popular with consumers. With the Mr Coffee automatic drip coffee maker there is no need to measure out any amounts of liquid as it gives you an exact amount of coffee that you need. The only thing you need to know is the approximate amount of water you wish to brew your beverage with. This particular mr coffee machine gives you around sixty-seven preset settings which can be changed whenever you like so that you get the exact cup of coffee that you are looking for.

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is also available with an optional feature known as the grind size setting. By increasing the grind size, you can adjust the size of the grounds that are used to produce a more concentrated coffee blend. If you prefer to use very fine grounds and have a high tolerance for bitterness in your coffee then this may not be the right option for you as having a very coarse grind size will leave you with a very bitter brew.

The automatic drip coffee makers that we reviewed all use pre-ground coffee that is separated by the mesh filter to produce a better tasting coffee. The coffee sits in a reservoir that has a built in water heater to maintain the proper water temperature. Once the water reaches the correct temperature, it is released through the mesh filter into the reservoir holding it. Most coffee machines allow you to change the water temperature by simply adjusting the control knob which is located right on the front of the machine.

This is how the different types of single serve coffee makers work: one pre-heated plate holds the pre-ground coffee beans, another reservoir holds the heated water, and a third holding plate provides the necessary brewing medium for making the perfect espresso or drip coffee. This allows the user to control the amount of coffee used, and how much of the grounds go into each cup. Because of the steel mesh filter, there are no grounds in the cup, thus producing a perfect cup every time.