What Are the Two Types of Electric Irons?

Electric irons are a kind of small appliance that, when heated, helps to press the clothes to remove wrinkles. Domestic electric irons usually range in working temperature from between 350 °F to 450 °F. It is also called a pressing iron. Today, it has been replaced by steam irons and loofas. So, what is the need of an electric iron review?

The first thing that you need to do when looking for an electric iron review is to know about the different models available in the market. Next step is choosing one that matches your requirements. A common question that people ask is whether they should go for a hot or a cold pressed. In this regard, let us take a look at the facts.

Hot Pressed: When electric irons are heated up, the temperature automatically rises. This may increase the strain on your arms. The heat simply cannot be removed by simply pressing down the iron while it is on. Hence, it is recommended to place your clothes on a towel so that the heat can be released gradually. Some people try pressing the iron in such a manner that it releases all the heat by itself.

Cold Pressed: Electric irons in this category are similar to steam irons in terms of design. They come with a heating element, which sits at the base of the gadget. It is controlled automatically and releases its heat only when the button is pressed. However, in the case of cold pressed electric irons, you have to manually switch the heating element on.

There are two types of heating elements in electric irons. There are the permanent magnet and the tumbler. In the former, the heating element is fitted using coils. They create a magnetic field which heats up the metal that is being worked with. It is very similar to the way your car’s heater keeps the engine warm even when it is parked.

These two types of electric irons have their own advantages. The former makes use of a heating element which is not prone to wear and tear and the latter comes with an auto-switching element which automatically adjusts the temperature as per your clothes’ material. If you want your clothes to get damaged quickly, you should opt for auto-switching models. On the other hand, if you want your clothes to get damaged gradually, you should go for a fixed model with a thermostat which cannot be easily changed.