The Brightest Trends in Earphones and Headphones

Earphones and Headphones

Headphones and earphones are a set of small loudspeakers worn around or on the head usually over the ears of the user. They are electronic transducers, which in turn convert an electric signal into a corresponding sound by emitting its electrical energy. Most people know earphones and headphones for their use with listening to music and with using portable media players like iPods and MP3s. There are other uses as well.

Headphones and earphones function in one of two ways: they allow some external sound to be sent to the ears of the listener, or they allow the listener to block out much or all of the external sound through what is known as “external sound isolation”. The outside noise isolation will provide the best sound quality. But external sound isolation can only do this at the most excellent of volumes. So earphones and headphones need to be set up at a volume that will be appropriate to provide the maximum amount of external sound with the minimum amount of internal noise. This is what is commonly known as “amping”.

For those looking for a true solution to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), two types of headphones and earphones have been developed specifically with this type of problem in mind. The first is a set of electronic devices, called “dynamic” headphones, that perform the task of blocking out external noise but don’t allow for any of the music to escape the ear canal. These are typically used by musicians and hardcore fans of loud rock and pop music. However, many others have found these helpful in reducing or eliminating sudden ear ringing, regardless of whether they are listening to music or noise.

The second type of headphone or earphone is called over-ear headphones. These are much better at providing sound quality and are much easier to use since the listener is not tethered to the device by wires or cords. However, these headphones often do not offer much in the way of comfort or fit. They can be bulky and uncomfortable and often do not deliver the same level of sound reproduction as over-ear headphones.

The booming earphones and headphone market is not expected to slow down anytime in the next few years. Consumer interests in these devices continue to grow as do the number of manufacturers in the industry. Demand continues to grow at an exponential rate as do the innovative technologies that make our listening experiences all the more enjoyable. Headphones manufacturers continue to invest in resources such as digital signal processing, battery life and speaker drivers to deliver the clearest, virtual sound and music to mobile phones, PDAs, handheld computers and other electronics.

These trends in the earphones and headphones markets will likely not stop anytime in the near future. As comfort and fit become more important to consumers, there is no telling what the future holds for this market. One thing is certain, though. Trends in the earphones and headphones markets are predicted to only grow and expand over the coming year and beyond.