The Best eBook Readers – A Comparison of the Best EBook Readers

Have you seen those shiny little boxes sitting on book shelves in the electronics section of a local electronics store? They look like the next big thing, but have you considered the disadvantages of an eBook reader before purchasing one? What if it breaks down in a few months? How do you know which brands and models are the best for you?

eBook Reader

The best eBook readers on the market can store hundreds of publications, magazines and books, so essentially you will never run out of reading materials while you’re out and about. While most ebook readers are not particularly expensive, you may expect to pay a lot less for an ebook than you’d pay for a real book, especially when you have made that initial investment. The best brands build in extra features that allow you to expand the number of books stored without decreasing the battery life or requiring an always available internet connection. These devices often come with an intuitive interface, built-in dictionaries for quick reference and even electronic ink for quick updates.

If your main concern is reading books on the go, then the Kindle is an ideal choice, as it allows you to access thousands of digital books on its eight inch, touch sensitive screen or through its Web browser. In addition to this, users can purchase apps that integrate with their Kindle device. This is a must for avid readers, who may want to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world around them. The Amazon Kindle app lets you purchase books and other items right from the comfort of your bed.

The Amazon Kindle has many disadvantages, however. It’s relatively slow to download files, despite the speed improvements that Amazon made with the Kindle download service. Text size doesn’t look as crisp on the Kindle as it does on a normal screen and some text can become garbled or blurry when resizing the screen. Amazon has yet to resolve these issues.

The Amazon Kindle HD is the more expensive of the two competing products and comes with a higher price tag as well. It has an 8 inch screen but is still considered one of the better quality tablets on the market. The Amazon Kindle HD also comes with the Amazon free wire service, which allows the user to download any downloaded content from their Kindle directly to an iPhone, iPad or other compatible smartphone. Amazon provides the user with a monthly membership fee, which is required to activate the free wire service.

The third option, the PDF eBook Reader has all the functionality of the Amazon Kindle and more, but is less expensive. Like the Amazon Kindle, it also comes with free wire support and a monthly membership fee. Like the Kindle, it comes with over thirty-five thousand books and thousands of ebooks. The Amazon Kindle HD is the most expensive of the three products, but provides the best readability and screen resolution of any eBook reader currently on the market. However, it is most expensive amongst the three products because it offers features that the other two products do not. For example, the PDF eBook Reader offers over two hundred languages, support for multiple file formats, and a huge memory space, over four gigabytes, which is the largest memory available on any eBook reader today.