Smartphone Infrared Transmitter and Phone Infrared Remote Control

Smartphone Infrared Transmitter and Phone Infrared Remote Control

Phone Infrared Transmitter

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, smartphones have almost become a necessity for most people’s daily lives. However, with this amazing device, the smartphone can control several different devices simultaneously. For example, the smart phone can remotely control a digital camera, which is an effective assistant for SLR photography, avoiding shaking, and can effectively eliminate shaking in photography. There are some pros and cons to using a smartphone for SLR photography, and the review below will highlight the facts.

One of the main advantages of using a smartphone for the remote control of SLR cameras is that you do not need to get down on your hands and knees. You can quickly get up and take a photo without having to get your digital camera out. This is very convenient when taking pictures of moving subjects. Furthermore, most smartphones can also control and interface with a remote control to the camera, so you will not have to go through all the difficulties associated with connecting your camera to your computer or laptop.

The above reasons indicate that there are several advantages of using a smartphone for the remote control of an intelligent phone camera. Apart from the convenience, there are also many other benefits of using an intelligent phone remote control. There are now four major apps available for the smart phone and they include iControl Pro, Camera Away, Cuddebank yo camera and Shutterfish. All these four apps can remotely control different devices including smartphones, PCs, tablets, digital camera and more. These four major apps are quite popular and have gained much popularity amongst photographers who like to manage their entire digital camera set up from their smartphone.

Camera Away is the first of the four major apps in the market. The camera remote control wizard allows you to easily manage all your devices with the help of this smart and easy to use app. This app provides multiple profiles and manual access to the four major cameras. With the help of this wizard, you can do everything such as set up, change settings, delete or share your images. Apart from the four main cameras, Camera Away also offers a ‘set and forget’ feature, which lets you save one image and automatically set the same as the default image for future use.

The second app iControl Pro helps you manage your entire gallery on your smartphone. With iControl Pro you can even make personalized notes or set up groups and sub-groups. It has an exclusive photo book section which lets you store all your precious images. This is another smart and simple app that lets you manage your entire gallery on your device with the help of an intelligent phone remote control wizard. In this way, you can change the look and feel of your gallery anytime you like.

One more great option is iRide TV. With iRide TV, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to your television with the help of a remote control. You can watch live and recorded shows on your smartphone, while controlling your favourite shows in real time. You can even switch between seasons, channels, and movies easily with iRide TV. With this amazing app, you can experience an ultimate entertainment experience with your smartphone, mobile phone infrared transmitter, and premium cable TV.

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