My Opinion on Which Type of Screen Protectors Are the Most Effective?

My Opinion on Which Type of Screen Protectors Are the Most Effective?

If you are looking for a good review on a pair of screen protectors, you’ve found it. In this article you will learn several facts about protector performance that will help you make an informed decision when buying one. Each protector in the test group is slightly different:

Screen Protectors

Group #1 (most clear} – Plastic screen protectors with anti-glare and low visibility. Most manufacturers state the luminous and low-visibility rating of their products. Group #1 (aka Clear) block more than 100% of ultra-violet radiation and UVA. This means that the plastic screen protectors don’t offer total protection, but they do a good job reducing glare. UVA reduces red-light effects, which can be very helpful for those with chronic eye problems, like me.

Group #2 (Most Shiny) – This group contains mostly silver screen protectors. They are more popular than clear versions because shiny models are often hypoallergenic and anti-glare. However, they don’t block nearly as much of the UVA and UVB that most smartphone users are exposed to. If you want to use a smartphone without being bothered by the glare, consider sticking with a plastic screen protector.

Group #3 (least Shiny) – This group contains mostly gold-plated screen protectors. You’ll often find these sold in local repair shops or with a “screen protector sleeve.” I would recommend purchasing a screen protector with a silicone backing, as they often have a little more staying power than their metallic cousins. Gold plating typically doesn’t last as long as silicone, so don’t expect to wear them out quickly.

Group #4 (dictation protectors – I’m not sure if this actually makes a difference, but hey, it’s only my opinion! ): Those are my least favorite. Plastic screen protectors that don’t mention any specific brands/types of smartphones seem a bit shady to me. Since most carriers won’t let you remove that information from your phone unless you have carrier insurance, I think it’s best to just skip over plastic screen protectors altogether.

A few years back, I bought my first iPhone off of an online classified ad. At first, I didn’t really give screen protectors much thought, other than they were pretty. Then one day, I decided to look into a product called Absorbent Phone Protectors, and I was shocked at all of the technology that was packed into this small little product. After my first experience using it, I’ve switched my entire lifestyle around.

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