Look for Radio Story Jobs in Radio Stations

Look for Radio Story Jobs in Radio Stations

From its inception, radio thrilled and amazed the general public with the immediacy that no one thought imaginable at the time, transforming the industry and forever changing the way we got news and information. Starting out on a small scale, radio quickly grew to become the largest multi-media media monopoly in the world, dominating the airways with its diversity of programming and its ability to transmit any message or entertainment that a consumer might desire. In the 1950s, radio became the dominant medium through which many Americans communicated with one another. From its founding early in the 20th Century, radio changed American culture and forever changed the way Americans got information and entertainment.


Early Radio In The twentieth century, as World War I broke out, radio changed the way that Americans received and heard world war. On the home front, listeners tuned in to the nightly newscasts just as they did the broadway or the radio networks. However, while the home stations provided entertainment for the masses, the US government and the Radio Commission (which regulate today’s public radio stations) soon learned that the medium was a powerful political tool as well. As radio spread throughout the country, many individuals and organizations made political statements about issues such as race or immigration through the popular medium of radio. Although the FCC began legal proceedings to ban several statements that were deemed to be racist, the FCC also began taking corrective measures to ban any overtly political statements or advertisements from being broadcasted over the airways.

The Rise Of Commercial Radio After the aforementioned censorship hearings, the growth of radio broadcasts dramatically increased. Radio stations began airing music videos, late night talk show hosts, news, and sports scores, which, much like the television networks, increased the audience for both advertisers and consumers. The creation of local radio stations and the scheduling of radio programs in local markets further increased the impact of advertising and sponsors. Adding sponsors to a radio station roster and promoting local businesses that used the station regularly to promote their own products also increased the reach and power of radio. The increased reach and power of radio allowed it to reach into the homes of millions of Americans, giving a new voice and a new platform for political debate and advertising.

Radio is No Longer Just For Entertainment Businesses Anymore Radio is now a primary vehicle for delivering breaking news stories and international news to millions of Americans through local radio stations. In addition, as listeners tune into their favorite radio stations each day, there is a strong push by listeners to read relevant news stories and opinions through online newspapers and podcasts. This has created a huge opportunity for news writing and reporting professionals who are creating content around current events for millions of American readers. In addition to providing up-to-date information on breaking news, radio news stories, and politics, radio reporters have found that they can benefit from writing a feature story or a feature article that will be published exclusively on the radio station and syndicated throughout the country and world.

Radio is No Longer Just For Businesses Radio today is a powerful medium that provides consumers with news stories and political opinion that directly affects their lives. With an audience that spans the entire country, radio provides consumers with a unique opportunity to weigh in on issues that affect them in everyday life. The growing popularity of podcasting and social networking has also made it easy for consumers to connect with like-minded individuals anywhere in the world. As a result, many radio news story hosts are finding that they have a new audience every day who will listen to their reporting and comment on their work. Radio provides tremendous power and opportunity in the form of new and exciting broadcast writing jobs.

These days, when most people think of radio, they think of country music or rock and roll. However, as the popularity of talk shows like Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern grows, so too does the number of potential new radio news story hosts. With more news organizations looking to outsource their broadcast news writing to freelance writers, there is no time like the present to begin working at home and starting your own radio show. You’ll be amazed at the variety of projects you can get involved in and the exhilaration you will feel when your first big break as a broadcast news writer comes to fruition.

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