Laptop Repair Components

Laptop Repair Components

When it comes to laptop repair, there are many parts that need to be repaired right away. One of the first things to check is if your keyboard works. If it does not work, it is important to troubleshoot that part first. Then you need to find out if the computer’s cooling system is working or not. You can check out the temperature with a free lint free wipe and if it is too high, it is best to open it up and have the fan fixed.

Laptop Repair Components

Before you do any actual laptop repair, you first need to make sure you have a good test drive. With laptops, the most common problem that occurs is when the computer produced an error message such as “power failure”. This can be a sign of a serious problem, so test your computer thoroughly. You can use any kind of test drive that is available on the market for free. These kinds of test drives will help you find any problems with your laptop before trying to replace the display screen.

There are times when the LCD screen itself may need repaired. A cracked screen is one of these cases. This can easily be fixed using a heat gun and a small amount of glue. The heat gun can help open up the cracked screen while the glue helps hold the crack. Before you do any type of computer repair, you need to remove all of the accessories from your computer. You also need to disconnect any other hardware including the CPU, hard drive, backup drives, etc.

Next, you need to take out your computer and put it in a testing room. Make sure that all the cords are off of the computer and that there are no other distractions like fans that might slow down the testing process. If the computer is being used, you might find that it is even more important to test the screen before attempting any other repairs. Be sure to test the LCD and compare it to a picture of a real monitor to make sure everything is working correctly.

One of the most common laptop repair components is the RAM. The motherboard is what actually holds the RAM together. You need to know exactly what type of RAM you have and then purchase the parts to fix it. Some types of RAM will not work with certain motherboards, so it is extremely important to know this part inside and out.

Other laptop repair components are easy to find as well if you are looking for them. Fans and heaters for the CPU and the graphics card are fairly easy to find. Memory sticks are often broken but you can often get these replaced by your computer shop. Most computer parts are relatively easy to find and replace if you know what you are doing, so long as you don’t try to save money by doing the wrong thing.

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