Epilators – Are They Really Worth It?

Epilators are a popular method for removing unwanted hair from one’s body. There are two common types of emulators on the market, mechanical or electronic. Mechanical epilators have been around for many years and are the recommendation for many people. A mechanical epilator basically is a hair removal machine that consists of a rotating brush, similar in design to a vacuum cleaner. The mechanical dilators are often more costly than their electronic counterparts, but they are long lasting and tend to be more effective at removing unwanted hair.


Electronic epilators work in a similar fashion to a vibrating device that sends pulses of varying strengths through the depilatory hair pulling it out. The different pulses cause the hair to come out in varying directions. The different impulses cause the epilators suction action that pulls the hair out with the help of suction cups. The electronic emulators tend to be less expensive, but they don’t last as long, have no skin irritation after use and may not be as effective.

The best way to decide which epilators to purchase is to read unbiased customer reviews for each device. These should be found on the manufacturer’s website or you can find unbiased consumer review websites on the internet. If you are new to using emulators or have never purchased a hair removal system before, it is important that you test it before you buy it. There are a few ways that you can test a piece of equipment; the first is to try it out on your skin. To test it on your skin, simply apply a small amount on your body to check for skin irritation.

Some emulators, such as the Speed Settings epilators, are more suited to people who suffer from mild hair removal conditions. Some emulators have speed settings which allow the user to increase the rate of contraction of the epilators. If you have dry skin, you will want to look for emulators with slower speed settings so that more moisture is pulled through the epilators. Epilators which have a faster speed setting tend to have a weaker suction and can actually pull the hair out by too much.

For people with moderate to light facial hair, there are some emulators that are designed to use a rotation mechanism. These devices work by turning the epilators on one side at a time. As the rotation goes on and the hair starts to fall out, the rotation will turn the machine around and it will start on the opposite side.

Some emulators are better than others. The best epilators are ones that have more than two speed settings, have a very strong suction, and have a very good warranty. Many people are afraid to use epilators, because of their tendency to cut the skin taut and pull the hair out by the roots. When a person uses a non-epilatory razors, this is often magnified as the razor moves over the epilated skin. Therefore, the first thing that you should do if you are going to use an epilation tool, is to find one that does not cut the skin taut.