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Electric Coffee Grinders – Which Electric Coffee Grinder Is Right For You?

May 13, 2021
Electric Coffee Grinders

Electric coffee grinders provide a variety of benefits over manual ones, which are good reasons to consider using an electric model over a manual one. Manual grinders are high performers which produce uniform sized grounds (that’s important to make delicious and balanced coffee). However, they can’t consistently do that for all roast sizes, including French press, K-Cup, even super-porta-molecular, and other specialty sizes. To make things worse, manual grinders tend to be labor intensive to use and get dirty fast. It’s no wonder electric coffee grinders have become so popular.

I believe the primary advantage electric coffee grinders have over manual ones is ease of use. Even if you’ve never owned an electric grinder before, it’s pretty simple to use one. Simply plug it in, program the time and frequency you want the machine to grind your coffee, and then just sit back and relax while the machine does its job. It’s as easy as that! And it’s also really quiet and clean, and most models are very user friendly.

If it were easy to use, I’d still recommend using manual grinders for general grinding. There are some occasions where an electric coffee grinder will make a better choice. For example, you may like to grind exotic types of coffee beans, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain or Colombian Supremo. These require slightly different grinding settings than what is available with regular or super-premium coffee grinders. Also, there are some types of coffee that are only available fresh from the beans, such as Kona. A manual grinder won’t work for these because it needs to grind freshly ground coffee beans right after they’re received.

My personal recommendation for coffee grinders is the best all-around value, regardless of price range or type of use. The burr grinder has the advantage of a lot of manual control, but it is also the least expensive. The reason I recommend the burr grinder is because of the wide range of styles it offers, and the fact that some brands offer advanced features not available on other types. For example, some grinders have LCD display telling you what the exact grind level is. Most brands come standard with six grind settings, but if you need more you can add those later.

Some brands of electric coffee grinders can also perform both manual and automatic grinding at the same time. This is a feature I highly recommend, as it means you can enjoy instant coffee without having to wait for the beans to heat up. Just switch the machine on and start grinding. In addition, some grinders can be programmed to give you a particular time for each of the six grinding stages, which is a nice feature if you like drinking coffee in the morning. The one downside to these extra features is extra cost. Usually the extra cost is worth it in quality and convenience.

If you are going to use your electric coffee grinders over the course of a long weekend or longer, the size of the grinding disks will be a consideration. I would recommend a 4.5 pound grinding disk for normal usage and less than that for those times when you are grinding for special occasions. These larger disks also have a tendency to make smaller batches of coffee at a time, so if you plan on using your grinder frequently, I would recommend getting a larger disk. Finally, check how easy it is to change the beans in your electric coffee grinder, as this will be a factor in finding the right model for your needs.