Choosing Wireless Mouse Pads

Choosing Wireless Mouse Pads

A computer mouse is usually a small black and white surface attached to a computer keyboard. A mouse pad adds functionality to a mouse, as well as style. A mouse pad improves the usability of your mouse when compared to just using a mouse on a flat table by providing a flat surface for it to slide smoothly and accurately. When shopping for mice, be sure to check out their pads as well as their buttons and ports to get an idea of how they will fit with your system. This is an important step in buying a new mouse, as not all mice are created equal.

Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are used primarily by gaming enthusiasts and serious gamers. Their main purpose is to enhance the comfort and performance of gamers while using their equipment. With years of use, optical mice and laser mice have developed a feedback mechanism called G-lammation. This mechanism is the reason why some models of optical mice provide more sensitivity than others. For instance, the Razer Megasoma has nearly twice the sensitivity as the Steelseries SX.

Most wireless mice use a USB rechargeable battery, but there are still some that use AA batteries in their mice. The AA batteries are not rechargeable, but you can replace them whenever they run out. One major downside of using rechargeable batteries is their limited life span. As soon as they are dead, the wireless mice would stop working and you would need to buy a new one.

A majority of wireless mice require a USB connector cable in order to operate. While some desks provide a port for this kind of mouse pads, most gamers find this to be inconvenient. Those who are used to plugging their gaming devices directly into their computers may find this to be inconvenient. Some gamers also do not like having to change cables constantly.

Those who prefer to use one wireless mouse pad instead of several different ones can choose from gaming mice with optical tracking or dual infrared sensors. However, it is recommended that gamers using one optical sensor mouse should use a wireless pad that also senses for motion. This way, they can focus more on controlling their games while not wasting time waiting for a response from the other side. In contrast, a dual infrared sensor mouse will work better if you find that you spend a lot of time on your desk surface.

When purchasing a wireless peripheral such as a mouse pad, it is best to choose those that are compatible with your computer model. Most wireless mouse pads can be used with almost any PC peripheral device. However, some mouse pads may not be compatible depending on the model of your computer. If in doubt, make sure to check first before buying.

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