Choosing From the Wide Variety of Multicookers and Electric Pressure Cookers

Choosing From the Wide Variety of Multicookers and Electric Pressure Cookers

Multicookers are an ideal tool for preparing multi-course meals. Like your slow cooker or toaster, a multi winner is simply a multi-purpose countertop appliance. While most models will provide basic options such as sauteing and slow cooking, some models come with additional options. Some even have dish-specific presets (dish-specific recipes, like chicken ala king), but most of the time, you’ll be able to get a simple cooking option and then convert that to whatever taste you want. Here’s a quick test I conducted to find out how versatile this kitchen appliance is.


Two options are available when it comes to choosing which cooker you want to use for multi-course recipes. The first type of cooker I tested was electric pressure cookers. These can be purchased separately, and work very well in a pinch. Just keep them in the freezer for those times when you need to prepare fast, frozen meals. However, electric pressure cookers and microwaves aren’t the only options. Instant pot recipes also use these same high-powered machines, and can work very well as microwaves.

Another common multi-cooker option is the insert-type, like the ones that come with induction heating. These can be a little more expensive than the electric pressure cooker, and they do take up a bit more counter space. The upside is that you can use one of these at once, rather than having to simultaneously heat up both. These also work very well for preparing stews and soups, though their heating element is not very efficient. This can work well for simple and low-cost meals, but it is not a very good option for preparing complicated recipes with many ingredients.

Finally, the third most popular choice for American pressure cooking used in a home kitchen is the electric frying pan. It has the heating element located right next to the hot plate, which allows it to keep a constant temperature. These are typically smaller than their stick or cast iron counterparts but are very efficient in the amount of time that they take to heat up. They are also available with different sized holes for different size chicken, plus a wide variety of vegetable choices. If you have a barbeque going on, this is an excellent choice for keeping your food warm and evenly cooked.

Steamers are also popular choices for many American households. A popular style is the multi-pressure cooker that is essentially a steam bath that uses convection to distribute heat. They are typically used to quickly bring out a meal for a family or large group of people. They can also be used to soften and season meat and seafood, and even to bring a full dinner to a complete stop. Like the pressure cookers, these are generally smaller, cheaper versions of the multi-purpose devices.

It is very easy to find electric pressure cookers and other types of Multicookers that can make the recipes you love so much more convenient than the way they are made now. Because we like to be able to prepare meals in as little time as possible, it makes sense that a multi-purpose tool like this could change the way we cook. The right Multicooker can let you focus on cooking and nothing else, so that you can spend time enjoying the fruits of your labor instead of spending hours in the kitchen.

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