Blank Floppy Disks and the Benefits of Using Them

Blank floppy Disks

Blank floppy discs are great for a number of applications, but not for the purposes of this review. We’re talking about a review of the new Apple iMovie software that can be downloaded for free from the Apple website. I’ve seen plenty of people complain about the difficulty of getting movies onto their new disks, but my experience has been quite different. Here’s what happened to me.

I loaded up my new computer with a fresh installation of Windows, updated the virus scanner and launched the virus-removal program that came with my Macbook Pro. My PC began to act up like it was on auto-pilot! It took ages for it to boot up at all and once it was up and running, there was a whole library of videos and music that needed to be moved onto my blank floppy disks. My problem was that Windows wasn’t recognised the floppy disk when it was installed, so everything was useless!

After fiddling around for a few minutes, I realised that it was likely the blank floppy disks that were causing all this trouble. What’s more, this problem occurred even if I hadn’t changed anything on my computer at all – the problem was actually down to Windows having mistaken the floppies for some other file. There are actually a lot of files on your computer that don’t actually belong there, such as images and music files which are leftovers from temporary files. It’s all down to your computer remembering a series of files that it refers to the time again, and since those files are blank, Windows mistakes them as being some sort of “dummy” file.

To fix this, you need to go into the Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update, and let Windows check for updates. It will then show you the list of all the updates that are available. All you then have to do is select the “Check For Updates” button, and it should tell you which floppies or cd’s they are for. If it finds any, then it will automatically replace the old ones with the new ones. You might need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect, but it’s a simple task that anybody can do.

The problem with floppies in general is that they tend to be very large in size. Even if you’ve deleted a lot of floppies, they still tend to take up a lot of space. And normally, the largest file you can delete is a.iso file. So by replacing your blank floppies with larger more appropriate ones, it’s just a matter of giving your computer a little space to live.

It’s also very easy to damage your PC by reinstalling different software programs. In fact, it’s pretty common for people to accidentally reinstall programs onto their PC, even files that they’ve deleted from their hard drive. This is why it’s so important to backup your blank floppies regularly. It will ensure that if you do suffer a mistake and reinstall the wrong program, it won’t cause too much damage.