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Home Theatre System

Home Theatre System: Facts, Myths & Myths! is a new ezine that will be released later in the year, and it will contain important Home Theatre System information. The first issue will feature an article about the most common design mistakes made in Home Theatre Systems, as well as some theater review information about speakers, amplifiers, and electronic components that are essential to a good Home Theatre System.

Widescreen Review has been re-positioned to become Widescreen Review/Custom Home Theatre Design & beginning with the January 2021 issue. The new, updated digital magazine edition of every issue is now being delivered directly to every custom Home Theater designer and installer in the World. If you have any comments or questions about Home Theatre Systems and any speaker brands/brands that you use, you can send your comments and questions to this Ezine. In addition to this important Home Theatre System article, they will feature an article by David Bailey (an audio engineer who has been a studio sound technician and a sound engineer for TV).

The authors of this publication are two audio engineers who have been in the business for over 30 years. David Bailey is a certified Master Electrician and works out of his own home based studio. He is also the owner operator of several sound installation companies and he is considered to be one of the finest home theatres designers in the world today. Mike Whitacre is a highly accomplished Home Theatre System designer/installer who resides in California. He has designed and installed many different Home Theatre System packages for designers, installers, and retailers for many years, and has been a speaker designer for many years.

This is not your typical “cute and pretty” book on how to design and install Home Theatre Systems. They are not “hobbyist” books written only for the entertainment industry. Most readers will find this to be a very informative and detailed look at a very difficult process, which is one of the main reasons it’s good for amateurs and professionals alike.

You’ll find a complete listing of all the articles, plus additional information on the authors’ sites. These authors are experienced audio and home theatre dealers and designers, so you’ll be getting the most complete information possible from them. The authors have included all the necessary information to build or repair your theatre, as well as providing a great deal of information on installation. These retailers and installers have nothing to hide, so you can rely on this book for the most accurate information available.

For those who are interested in becoming professional installers and designers, but do not have the required training, this is an excellent source for gaining knowledge, skills, and understanding of the process. It will take some time and effort to put this information to use, but the results will be well worth the investment. Most audiophiles will be familiar with the techniques described within, but some may know of no such method or technique. There are specialty dealers and integrators around who specialize in certain aspects, so the information in this book may be of interest to others.

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