3 Different Kinds of Coffee Roasters

For some reason there is an increased desire among coffee enthusiasts to learn how to roast their own coffee at home. There are two basic choices that need to be made when deciding whether to invest in a coffee roaster. First, you can purchase a pre-packaged machine or you can build your own. The latter choice is obviously less expensive, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages to either method.

Coffee Roasters

For the home user, convenience is the key word. The pre-packaged machine is very convenient, as it provides freshly ground coffee right at your fingertips. The average population of home coffee roasters within the United States is quite small relative to the number of coffee connoisseurs who gather at local coffee shops. A coffee shop is a social place, a gathering place where people gather to talk and discuss many things. These social behaviors are generally not conducive to drinking freshly ground coffee!

One of my favorite coffee roasting techniques involves the use of automatic espresso machines. While these may seem overly expensive for a “roaster”, they can be a great investment if you plan on roasting a lot of coffee. I like to use these machines for two basic functions: brewing a shot of espresso for whenever I feel like having a beverage and making iced coffee with a special filter. These are the two main functions that you should be aware of when shopping for a coffee roaster. Your specific needs will determine which type of machine will work best for you.

Espresso coffee roasters provide you with a way to make an espresso that has the highest concentration of flavor possible. The temperature used to roast coffee is critical, because it affects the intensity of both the espresso flavor and the richness of the final flavor. Roasting the beans too low will result in weak espresso. Roasting the beans to perfection also results in a darker, more bitter coffee. The rule of thumb is: the longer the bean is roasted, the darker and bitter the cup of coffee will taste.

Flavored roasts come in many different forms. I particularly like “popcorn” flavored roasts, because not only do they have lots of wonderful rich flavor, but they are also very easy to prepare (break up the beans and add water, then add the roasting liquid to get the kettle and fire it up). In addition, popcorn flavored coffee roasters can be used in the same manner as traditional ones. You just need a really good grinder. You can use a regular grinder or a burr grinder (one with a larger plate), or even a specialized piece of equipment such as a popcorn popper or microwave popcorn popper. The choice is yours!

I love all three roasting methods – hot, medium and cold brew. I prefer the flavor of coffee roasters that allow for a wide range of options. I really like the popcorn and cold brew options – and I’m not the only one! Coffee drinkers all over the world have their own individual favorite way of drinking their cup of Joe. With so many varieties on the market, it should be pretty easy to find your perfect cup of Joe.